#lesficforthepandemic, Wise Words from Lesfic Authors

Elizabeth Andre
4 min readMar 31, 2020
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At this time of social distancing, economic stress, health stress, fear, and anxiety, I decided to get together (virtually, of course) with other lesfic authors to share words of wisdom and, hopefully, some comfort. We write because we love it, and we love you, dear readers. Many of us are struggling ourselves, but together we have faith that we can pull through this. Here is what is getting us through:

  1. I lived through the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and 1990s. There were friends who didn’t survive, but they didn’t die of AIDS. The stress of the epidemic was so great. One starved himself to death. Another died of asthma, primarily because she wasn’t taking care of herself. The stress of the epidemic took such a great toll on everyone, even those not infected. Take good care of yourself. Be nice to yourself. Treat yourself the way someone who loves you unconditionally would. (Note: AIDS is still a huge challenge to the world, but we now have so many more options.)
  2. Zoey Lennox, author of the lesbian romance novel, Playing Catch-up, has this to say, “To everyone separated from loved ones during self-isolation, try to find comfort in the fact that you’re giving up a few weeks of hugs and kisses for a lifetime of them down the line. Keep your chin up, stay strong, and know you are not alone.”
  3. C. L. Cattano, author of the lesbian romance Stealing a Thief’s Heart, says, “Though we are self-isolating to keep ourselves and others safe, it does not mean we have to be alone. Find ways from phones and computers to well spaced meet and greets to stay in touch with people you love and care about. Keep in mind the humanity of others and your own human experience will be enhanced in this time of crisis.”
  4. Eliza Andrews, author of the Chronicles of Dorsa series says, “We can’t control what’s happening in the world, but with effort, patience, and practice, we can control our own response to it. So keep working on shifting your state of mind from a negative state to a positive state — it’s advice we all need to follow right now, including me!”
  5. Suspense/thriller writer Tammy Bird says, “Like many other writers, I am an introvert by nature, so staying home isn’t the problem. The problem is fear. Fear seizes my mind, and words won’t come. To help, I use a trick my therapist friend taught me. Perhaps it will help you, too. Put your hands flat against a wall, feet planted shoulder width apart and about a foot back. Your arms should be outstretched. Begin slowly, very slowly, bending arms at the elbow. Focus on the steady movement. Continue until your arms start shaking. Hold it there as long as you can. The shaking is actually your body releasing stress. It sounds corny, but it works. Stay safe, my friends.”
  6. Mystery and romance novel writer Catherine Maiorisi says, “I suggest limiting the amount of news you watch on TV or listen to on the radio. Before I did it, I was anxious and not sleeping. And, try to focus on something you enjoy. For me it’s writing and cooking but whatever it is, do it.”
  7. Alison R. Solomon, author of the Gulfport Mystery Series, says, “Like my character Wynn in ‘Along Came the Rain,’ and ‘Timing Is Everything,’ I’m very scattered and have some memory problems. Having this amount of time to come to grips with something complicated has been a godsend. I encourage you to learn one new thing. For me, it’s been how to edit an audiobook and how to use and set up a meeting in Zoom.”
  8. Serena J. Bishop, author of the lesbian romance novel Dreams, says, “This pandemic, like all before it, will someday end. Stay safe, stay strong.”
  9. Nico J. Genes, author and blogger, advises to look forward. “We are going through an emotional, physical and possibly even transformative time. While we try to stay safe for our sake and anyone around us, know we can do more. We can create a daily routine that’s laying the grounds for a new form of harmony in our lives, short and long term. When this craziness ends, we won’t necessarily be the same as we were yesterday, but hopefully, we will be alive and more connected with our inner self and everyone around us. It will be a cause for celebration for new beginnings, for a better life where we’ll be more connected, cherishing a healthy lifestyle, spending qualitative time without dear ones, settling our priorities right. Stay safe, use this time wisely, and look forward to your new life.”

That’s all from us. Let us know how you’re doing. We care.

Elizabeth Andre writes lesbian romance, science fiction, and paranormal adventure. She is a lesbian in an interracial same-sex marriage living in the Midwest. She hopes you enjoy her stories. She certainly loves writing them. If you would like to support her work, become a member of her Patreon or subscribe to her email newsletter.



Elizabeth Andre

writes LGBT supernatural suspense, romance, science fiction and young adult stories. She is a lesbian in an interracial same-sex marriage living in the Midwest.